pelajaran pelajaran baru

cans paper glass hdpe #2 plastics go into the blue box
cardboard food packages yellow pages go into the brown bin
and everything else goes into the refuse

adalah pelajaran pertama

the first shelf is neetha’s
the second catherine’s
the third maggie’s and anya’s
the left drawer is erin’s and the right one is anya’s
while maggie could have most of the freezer and the rest would just have to fit in

adalah pelajaran kedua

we have walls as thick as papers

adalah pelajaran ketiga

powercards are supposed to be put into the meter every two days or so or we would have our electricity down to an emergency mode

adalah pelajaran keempat

be creative(ly) adventurous in your cooking

adalah pelajaran kelima

dan kututup buku pelajaranku kubuka jendela
alas! di sana bertebaran
not only numerous other strange words
but strange faces as well

hi ya good morning have a nice day thank you you too see you later lost amidst your new lessons



after some glasses of wine and an incredibly long chat with maggie and neetha
cheers to LC7

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