The Conjuror

Gratiagusti Chananya Rompas was born in Jakarta, 19 August 1979. She studied English Literature in Universitas Indonesia, Depok (2003) and received her masters in The Gothic Imagination from University of Stirling, Scotland (2005).

She is one of the founders of Komunitas BungaMatahari, a mailing list-based Indonesian poetry community that have embraced many poetry enthusiasts with its catchphrase “semua bisa berpuisi” or, roughly translated, “poetry for all”. She has published her first poetry collection, Kota Ini Kembang Api, and plans to write some more. She also has a column, From Our Breakfast Table, on The Murmur House

She currently resides in Jakarta, with her husband and daughter. Anya, which is how people call her, may be reached via email g.c.rompas at gmail dot com or simply leave your message here.

2 thoughts on “The Conjuror

  1. hi anya,

    where can i read some of your texts in english version? on this site i find mostly only bahasa indonesia…

    regards from berlin where i am back now after all. hope you got back well too. it was really good to meet you in ubud, hope to see you soon again.

    best, yours martin

  2. Chilling wisps of light moisture on my face
    Cools as traces of a tedious daily journey remain upon my weary soul
    Startling joy! These words so fresh and melodic!
    Formed from passion and appreciation of all the beauty that prose can be – yea the gods have surely heard my plea!
    A note of gratitude. For now my heart is warm…

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