count your blessings

1. comfy room
2. nice and friendly flatmates
3. nice and friendly indonesian friends
4. essay 1 down
5. keane concert to look forward to :D
6. topic for essay 2 approved
yesterday, when agus and i were waiting for the bus – he wanted to go
to the uni and i to LC7 – the 54 bus, notorious for its imagined
punctuality, came along only 10 minutes after we got to the bus stop.
what it meant was: a] i didn’t have to wait for it until my hair grew
white, and b] i didn’t have to wait for it all by myself – mind you, at
that time, the sky’s getting darker and the wind’s blowing mindlessly
and it would really be miserable to be out there alone – as agus could
take the bus to the uni as well. yipppeee! :D

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