right.. so i’ve just finished reading robert bloch’s notorious novel,
psycho. the very book which alfred hitchcock’s movie, bearing the same
title, was based on. phew, i have to say it blew my mind away. no
wonder it has become a classic thriller! and it is such a little book.
short but it definitely tells you a lot. and a lot will stay in your
head, leaving you with that unsettled feeling…

so.. all i have to do now is to pinpoint a specific aspect of the story
and write an essay on it. well, for me this is the most unsettling
effect of reading the book!


jeez.. i’ve got such
a dry sense of humour, haven’t i? maybe i learned it from the very
best. i’ve done a little research on robert bloch and found the most
interesting quotes from the writer. they are as follows:

“Despite my ghoulish reputation, I really have the heart of a small boy. I keep it in a jar on my desk.”


“May he rest in pieces”

such a funny guy!


16 thoughts on “PSYCHO

  1. psychotic society will be… hehehehee hey santa clause, fairies, and nessie are true! and you being a gothic imagination student should believe in those mystical creatures more than i do…OY! hehheehehe… yeahhh

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