berhamburan di tengah malam
di antara desah keringat dan derak tempat tidur

adalah celanadalam televisi yang menyala dalam gelap dan jendela
yang setengah tertutup

mengendap jadi debu
di dalam lemari

18 thoughts on “rahasiarahasia

  1. where the hell are u, nya? it's so difficult to contact you, or even e-mail you. i had the strangest dream last night. i dreamt that u killed urself and left me a bag full of bathroom equipments. ur shampoo, ur soap, in a bag. it was the weirdest dream ever. i thought i'd e-mail u, but i am not so sure that you had received my previous one.

    please reply asap – just to prove that it was just a dream. :(

  2. esti dear, i am well alive and kicking and screaming. so it was really just a dream you had. well, i do think it was an incredibly interesting dream. somehow, in a peculiar way, it fits the reality i am in right now – although if i had really killed myself i would not leave you my toiletries.

    many thanks for your email, too. it is safe and behaving well in my crummy inbox. the thing is, i find it very difficult to make contact with people outside my much-less-than-cosy bubble of scottish life at the moment. my new flat is not networked yet so i have to go to the uni to get my cyber fix, which is very very inconvenient. my apologies for not replying – but i know you'd understand how irritating it is to be in a situation where you have to give extra effort just to do even the simplest things.

    well, in the email, you asked me to tell you about my miseries – let me just tell you one thing, the list is incredibly long the paper is now hanging out my bedroom window.

    miss you lots, sis!

  3. Duilehh…kata2nya keren bgt! Seneng bener browsing poems-nya kak Anya.. yg sering dunk kak post-in journali yg tagnya puisi…seirama banget ma kehidupan.(nggk bgt2 amaat sieh!..) hehehe
    wait for your another poems!

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