cheap steak & chocolate cake

at a classic, not to say out of date,

fast food joint.


you get to watch people, too,

from the wall length mirror—

figuring out how much sugar they are taking

while they hold their lovers’ hands,

talk annoyingly loud over their phones,

gawk unknowingly at a cheesy rock star wannabe on tv

forgetting that they really are not in the privacy of their own rooms.


and you say to yourself,

looking at the grease and crumbs in front of you,

that’s the cost of a nostalgia.

more often than not,

some things are better left a





27 july 2007

28 thoughts on “cheap steak & chocolate cake

  1. it's like to sit at AH Cikini Raya while eating cheap steak and chocolate cake … and of course to watch people outside doing their activities from the wall length mirror.

  2. Bingo my dear Anya! That's the place I hide away from 1999-now.
    Kalo ke TIM, setelah minum es kacang merah di kantin Beringin [?]… gw sering ke AH sendiri meninggalkan teman-teman dengan alasan mau makan. Gw selalu duduk di kursi dekat jendela kaca yang panjang itu sambil makan mini double chocolate dan nasi goreng. Gw senang melihat orang-orang berlalu lalang di depan TIM. Gw juga menikmati 'kebingungan' karena gw mencintai tempat itu.
    I do miss you, Anyaaaaaaaa!!!!

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