14 days to a trimmer tummy*

if my tummy were bushes
surrounding the garden of your house 

will it really take 14 days for you to trim me?

i’ll say,
you need the exercise

*borrowed from an (old) ad banner on Yahoo!

(in one of our conversations, mikael asked me about a poem i had written, one with “tummy” and “bushes” in it. i was like gosh that piece was like a century old how could he still remember. so i went home, opened my rotting trunk and retrieved this little memento. it was first posted on what was then known as the Pathetic Poets Society, some time before life asked too much of me that i just forgot to log on to the site and they had to terminate my membership. ah.)

4 thoughts on “14 days to a trimmer tummy*

  1. it kinda goes against my belief that we dont remember things we read online as well as we do things on books, or pyramid walls. but then again, a lot of things that happen in this world go against my belief of how things should be.

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