what did we leave behind but silence

of happiness

why were the books lying face down why were cigarette dusts piling up between the flower pots why were the bus seats so warm why
nobody will ever

breathe into my mouth i’ll break
                     into millions of whispers

and we’ll be gone before the first teardrop hits the ground

10 thoughts on “untitled

  1. tears will always drops
    in the backseat of this rebel motorcycle

    no window to stare

    not at all

    your mouth i can't reach
    but your lips surely i can read

    the words are funny
    eloquently obscene
    slyly and highly

    is that happiness?


  2. what did we feel inside but this lack of air
    van gogh's shit himself high, the man stole a feather
    and the birds pecked him dry, passionately himalayan
    up in the battlement, his fingers played with superman dolls and spacecrafts

    an empty battlestar galactica
    a lonely astronaut
    another body in an emptiness
    called space

    why did we have to take this journey?
    the colors in my veins, the brain damage i am having
    and gods, in great numbers and shapes, bestowed their blessings
    to us

    envy you, seafaring monster beautifully crafted from adam and eve's
    leftovers at the prophet's table. a drop of tea, ants marching on top of that
    yellow plain, was it you or me or him maybe her that stood there singing
    songs of inca and javanese merchants?

    i crave your oil and spicy joints, pour them to my chest
    stick that dagger and end that question mark
    that locked my body into what is me

    and maybe we could cross the t's
    dot the i's.

    perhaps your whisper could be my

  3. (ternyata jg gak bisa basa inggris)

    seandainya tidak ada kenapa
    aku tidak perlu bertanya
    saat kau datang begitu instan
    dan saat kau hilang begitu mangkok kosong.

  4. haha..
    sama halnya geladak puyuh yang saya injak
    lalu saya beranjak
    meninggalkan lokananta yang berdentang
    hingga saya kembali
    menunggu trenggiling
    sampai hujan nada

    (huhu..jadi rada personal sih jadinya)
    seru eung disini…seperti sedang battle saja..

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