Log #16

our family adopted a 6-year-old boy. he was very nice and well-behaved. strangely, we had him sleep outside, in our back yard. but the back yard was not actually a yard, it’s an outdoor bedroom.

one day in the dream, i was out there with him, watching people walked in and out the market at the back of our house.

another day, the whole family went to a manadonese gathering at a convention centre. we were engaged in a very strange communal dance. it should be poco-poco in real life, but this one was a lot weirder.

what was also weird was that the boy kept a small vicious-looking snake for a pet. its tail was shaped or maybe actually was another head and it was different from the original for it was more of a white shark’s head (think “jaws”). i remember petting him with apprehension, the way one would when one refuses to give in to one’s fear of doing something but is not very successful. the little boy, on the other hand, treated the thing like a harmless snake toy.

in another scene, the little boy, my niece and i went to a nearby hairdresser. i don’t remember anything until it was time for us to go home and we waited for the bajaj. we took a bbg bajaj.

the next thing i knew i was in a friend’s boarding house with a few other friends. we were preparing to go to a party. i put on my pale pink with black laces tube dress. but it fell apart as the hours went by. at first the side hem was torn. then the laces around the bustier were ripped. i looked into the mirror with terror, but i tried very hard not to overreact.

Log #15

there were several scenes and each was pretty intense. however, just like what happened with my previous dreams these past few months, i can’t remember them clearly. i can only say that i was in a kitchen – familiar to me in the dream but not in real life – looking at different utensils on the countertop. i then found a stainless bread canister, in it a medium-sized french bread sliced into two. one slice was generously sprinkled with chocolate and the other was coated with cheese spread.

in another scene, i saw my niece. she was a few years older than she really is now. dressed in black and wearing a black feathered head piece, she walked into the living room. she was a blooming teenager and carried an air of indifference. much like how i had been, i guess.