my good friend, pingkan, text me earlier today. it goes like this:

The Bible says: There’s nothing impossible with God, but
there’s one thing He can’t do: “He can’t stop loving you.” Have a
blessed day n Happy Easter. GBU.

my lovely flatmate, had written on the easter card she left in front of
my door this morning, ‘it’s a different sort of easter’ for us here
without our family and all but nevertheless, we will always be reminded
of God’s love that will never change. well,
thank you for the wonderful reminder, ping!

now, as the cyber world becomes more and more inevitable for most of us, here’s a little taste of

Easter on the Net.
this site sees easter more as a festivity – it has the story about
easter eggs and bunnies and some mouth-watering easter recipes, too.
so, i think it’s still worth checking out even if you don’t celebrate

happy easter, everybody!

8 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER

  1. heuheuheuhe…anyaa….sorry baru ngereply…heuheuhe lagi jarang2 ol soalnya…hehiehiehe….diterima juga toh sms-nya…hihihih….
    yo weizz…met easter ya…GBU always…. : )

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