a C+ day

thrashing myself out all weekend on my essay (which was due yesterday
afternoon) and still suffering from it, i had to wake up this morning
for my 10 o’clock class. i was still half asleep when i ate breakfast,
i was half awake when i got myself dressed, i was not full a
wake when i walked out of the house – but as soon as i was out there, the chill from the wind zapped me into the day.

met some friends at the bus stop. it was good – made the waiting for
the bus bearable. because as usual, the bus was late. text ian to tell
him i was probably going to be late – it was some seven or six to ten!
but the minute after i sent the message, the bus came. haha…

climbed the stairs up to pathfoot building as quickly as i could. and,
of course, i was panting afterwards. so pant pant pant i walked to
where my class is – i could see tina and ian standing in front of the
door. phew.. i wasn’t late after all then! but, guess what? when i
finally pant pant pant joined them, they told me that james – our
lecturer – had forgotten the meeting and thought that it was for
tomorrow. and pant pant pant i just broke down to laughter. james was
walking from his room to the photocopying room – obviously trying his
best to compile and duplicate the handouts on the last minute. last
week, he was to lecture us for another class and he thought it wouldn’t
start until an hour after it was supposed to be held. he’s a very nice
guy but he’s just one of those people who can’t even remember where
they’ve put their heads, i guess. bless him!

after class, ian and i stopped by at the office to collect our essays.
he got A- and i got.. C+!!! hahah.. my very first C+!!! it’s not the
best thing to happen but, at least, i’ve known all along that it would
happen. i was totally zonked at that time and distracted and desperate
and in that kind of condition, that essay was the best thing i could
come up with. so, i deserved it. i even thought it’d be a lot worse.
yeah, of course, i still kicked myself in the butt – but i know i’ll do
better next time. which, is due on the 9th of may!!! aarrgghhh!!!

anyways, when we got out of the building, it was raining! and i had to
return some books to the library. so, we walked in the rain. hahah..
when i was locking myself in my room last weekend, it was sunny and
bright outside. now, when i was finally out there, it was raining! i
really couldn’t believe my luck!

but, that’s not all.

i decided to get the bus back. it came only a little past the scheduled
time, i managed to get on it (some time back, the bus only wheeled over
and didn’t even care to stop), BUT.. when i handed my 5-pound note, the
driver told me that kind of note had expired long ago. WHAT?! so, yeah,
i couldn’t take the bus since that was the only 5 pounds i have in my
wallet. sad, huh? well, yes, i could withdraw money from the cash
machine but that means, i would have to wait again for the next bus.
i’d better accepted my fate and walk on home…

but, that’s still not all.

after a nice meal of pasta with bolognese sauce (cooked, not microwaved!), i received a message from agus,
telling me that his request to do his dissertation in stirling had been
rejected. boo-hoo-hoo… isn’t that just the news you’d like to hear on
a day like this?!

well, today had been quite horrendous, alright. the funny thing is,
i’m feeling fine right now. so i’ve had a few downers. but i’m still
hanging. it might be a C but there’s still that ‘plus’ sign trailing on
its back. it can’t be that bad, can it?

7lc, 26 april 2005

27 thoughts on “a C+ day

  1. ah kamu…gitu aja heboh…saya biasa aja tuh dapet C…keseringan malah…kekekekekek….gak usahlah kau sombong wahai anya…ada jagoan C disini!!!huahahaha…jadi merendahkan diri sendiri nih!!XP

  2. eventhough i've experienced bad day on that day as well but we have to face it though.
    every bad thing has the bright side
    well, that 'plus' mark after the C is maybe one of the bright side..

    cheer up..

  3. hehe one of those days…
    kebayang tuh nya…kalo gue, itu pasti jadi hari yang paling bisa bikin gue ketawa…walaupun bitter laugh hahahehahe…
    tetap semangat anyaaaa! x)

  4. i dont know about my day … but surely i cant log on to the net and do my work!!!….the WHOLE dayy!!!….and today i need to hand it in…im left with 3 long questions..hopefully by 4pm i'll make it done!!..

    ouh…about ur C?…i hand in one report earlier and better than anyone else (coz everyone was looking at mine and followed them)…i got 58% and the rest??..(the ones looked at mine)….above me!!!…AAAAGGGGHHH!!!..

    ~under pressure…deng deng dengg den dennggg…~ =P

    but the part u mention…pant pant pant i just broke down to laughter…i hope it happens to me todayyy… heheieihehiehiei….


  5. heheheh C+ day…
    it's just one of those grades U JUST HAFTA TO GET!
    in some point of your life ^_* cheer up cheer up…
    bisa dibilang… tar jadi koleksi langka dehhh oteh oteh?
    *gives anya lollipop*

  6. hwaukhwuawkaa.. bandel kan emang udah bawaan loe, ga. kok masih musti nanya, sih? well, kalo gue bilang sih.. mengikuti birahi itu normal-normal aja dan boleh-boleh aja.. asal siap aja menghadapi konsekuensinya.. ahhahahahhaha… :D

  7. sialan lo!!! emang gue bandel???dan kenapa harus dikaitkan ke birahi???hehehehe….emang gue mau ngapain?? woo woo wooo!!! (emo)..btw emang kalo mengikuti birahi konsekwensinya apa sih nya? puas yah konsekwensinya? hehehehe

  8. hmm..9th of may is not far away huh?!….try 29th April 4pm…2 reports..one on refrigeration and another on Pump effieciency….

    cracking my head loohhhh!!!……but..thanks again!!…hhihhihihihihhi….

    AYUUHHH….SEMANGAATT Donnggg!!!….. =P

  9. aaaahhh kamu yg bener???!!! wakakakakaak!!! ayo ngakuuuuuuu!!!huahahahahaha!!! gue selalu mengikuti akal sehat kok….hehehe…kan seperti meminjam the stills dan meralat sedikit, maka akan didapat kalimat seperti ini,”LOGIC WILL BREAK YOUR LUST” huahahahahaha!!!
    tau ahh….gokil nih!!!(loh curhat colongan)

  10. bu, i understand how u felt about the C+ thingy, for i would be really depressed when getting my works graded below B. dan biasanya kalau dari awal kita udah bete terhadap sesuatu, satu harian itu bakalan menyebalkan sekali, ada aja bad luck yang lain terjadi..Kalo kata nyokap gue, ikhlas saja, karena kalo kita gak ikhlas semua yg jelek2 terjadi ke diri kita akan bertambah buruk…tapi gak coba ditanyakan lagi ke dosennya itu nilainya bisa segitu emang ada sesuatu yg kurang atau si dosen matanya kurang awas? :)

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