catherine, my flatmate, asked me to go bowling last sunday. i’ve never
bowled before but, hey, there’s always a first time for everything.
besides, a new form of fun wouldn’t hurt when you’re feeling a wee bit
pressurized by your dissertation. so, off we went to the arena.

i was giddy at first. well, i know myself quite well and i know i
really suck at sports, especially ones dealing with balls. and i hate
it when i know i would look stupid doing something i’ve never done

but, i finally took those little steps and let go of the ball.

it glided off..

..and hit one pin.


it was only after a few turns that i began to get the hang of it. in fact, i
actually enjoyed the game. okay, my ball often went sideways but, really,
sometimes it was good laughing at yourself.

then, on the second game, a miracle happened – i succeeded in hitting
all the pins on one go! mark this, people – exactly at 5 pm on the 26th of june 2005, i did
my very first STRIKE! woo-hoo!!!

the game ended with me trailing behind catherine by 2 points. 2 points! not bad for a beginner, eh?

11 thoughts on “STRIKE!

  1. that's great..
    you get strike in your first game of bowling….
    because i didn't get that for my first game..
    well, it's a beginner LUCK..
    i think, this sports will suit you..hahahaha

  2. i'm still in my pj's and a few minutes ago i was still half alive.. but your reply brought me back to my senses as i'm choking again with laughter…

    i think it's been too long since you had your last sate tikus fix, kit…

  3. I miss ……….
    I definitely miss sate ayam,
    I miss risol in the morning, I eat about 8 pcs at least,
    I miss nasi goreng wrapped in brown paper held by a rubber band,
    I miss padang food,
    I miss nasi pelangi,
    I miss a restaurant in pechanongan which is a carshop in the day,
    I miss my apartment in Jakarta,
    I miss Plaza Senayan,
    I miss the Grand Hyatt,
    I miss Hotel Borubudour,
    I miss the announcement in the cinemas before my movie comes on,
    I miss Blue Bird and Silver Bird,
    I miss the Mulia Hotel,
    I miss a whole lot of things in Jakarta,
    But most of all I miss my friends who have shared their precious time with me.
    I miss my friend Anya whose the first one I always call from a cab after landing at the airport.
    Thank God for the internet…for it makes missing friends more bearable.
    Thanks Chananya Rompas.

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