day 3

it was 18th july 2005.

there was a bug on my computer screen. it landed on the word “ambivalence”. was that some kind of a sign?

hm, i wondered.

i then turned to see the time, right at the moment when the long hand
moved from minute fifty-five to fifty-six. my clock was a soundless
type but i thought i heard a shriek when it turned. was it only in my

hm, i wondered.

24 thoughts on “day 3

  1. ic. tapi gw paling suka sama jendelanya.
    sinar matahari kah itu?
    liat fotonya, kamar itu sepertinya dingin.
    tapi liat dari outfit elo, mungkin ya nggak bener2 dingin..
    atau, lagi kena panas dalam?

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