of seeing you behind my tears

you stood glossed in front of me.

like an antique.


like porcelain.

and everything else just stopped.

like portrait.


like almost dead.


you stood blurred in front of me.

like a shadow.


like a demon.

and the rest just faded away.

like a small feather.


like almost gone.





21 january 2001
“bagaimana sembuh dari asmara, kecuali dengan perang?” (centhini – kekasih yang tersembunyi, hal. 31)

6 thoughts on “of seeing you behind my tears

  1. i think it's darker..
    “you forget to open your windows,” you said.

    the wind stood still
    as if the sun fell ill
    “stop me! i am tearing this month's page”

    its too late to blow the candle as it already turned into swan.

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