what happens after you wait until it rings ten times

you were in my dream last night

i wasn’t even in it

do you know what’s worse than profundity?

lack of profundity

you’re aware what you’re feeling is intense

but somehow it simply refuses to surface

you twist and turn believing nothing

ask more questions speculate manipulate

drink more to dream less i guess

deciphering is as brutal as


34 thoughts on “what happens after you wait until it rings ten times

  1. ah wait till you have to call people whose rbt(s) are from those pop melayu band.i thought those songs should be locked in karaoke's room or anywhere, anywhere but this hectic civilized world :))

  2. well at least it's better than having to wait all night for some guy who had promised to call you earlier… but then he never did call you… reasons: classical (unchargeable phone, was dozed off that he fell asleep) >.< I so wanna kill that kinda guy (loh loh jadi curhat colongan hehehe)

  3. hehe, guys, nothing is as it seems, or in this case, sounds.

    btw, part of the title comes from those telephone etiquettes i came across long time ago. that one just sticks and every time i make a call i always count the tone (other than the fact that i'm a bit obsessive compulsive).

    thank god there's also a tip for the receiving end: pick up after 3-4 rings at the most(, jerk!).

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