Log #24

again, i was still a senior in my high school. i walked out of the classroom and found the corridor filled with freshmen cutting up newspapers for an assignment. the floor was almost covered with clippings so i tiptoed to avoid stepping on them. but there was this group of stuck-up girls who deliberately let their clippings cover the entire floor of their work area that i had to ask one of them to move the pieces away. she made an irritating remark as she did it. i stormed down the stairs and found my bag lying at the bottom. i had no doubt that it was the girl’s doing. raged, i looked for my friends. when i found them, one of my girls told me she just received a text saying that our villain junior was pregnant.

Log #9

i dreamed of “Friends”.

i lived with them although it wasn’t in any of the flats featured in the series.

rachel was pregnant with a demonic baby. she was frightened and i was the only one who knew about her feelings. both chandler and ross were really afraid of rachel.

one day, rachel wanted ross to accompany her to go somewhere. but she was manic and ross refused for he didn’t want to put himself in danger.

i was the only one who knew and understood.