#Log 33

we were queuing on the tarmac to get on an airplane. the airplane we were about to get on was very exclusive, new in its type, huge and equipped with all the latest technology and comfort features. we couldn’t wait to get on it. it felt like a mix of emergency, the rush during the holidays and the excitement of trying something new. the skies were intimidating, dark blue and growling. and then it started to rain. we then saw something amazing. the thunders were getting really fierce and suddenly they burst into a series of explosions that looked like fireworks, albeit frightening ones.

Log #3

i was wounded and so was a girl friend of mine. she was shot at the back and i could see the bloody hole clearly. i didn’t know how bad my wound was, though, or how it actually looked.

luckily, we were already in a hospital’s front yard. a couple of paramedics came rushing out and ordered us to lie on our bellies on the stretchers. we had to hold on to the sides of the stretchers, like riding a bicycle. apparently, it wasn’t too much of a hassle for us for we could still talk and move normally despite the blood and all.

done with all the medical treatments, i went to a concert hall which was so huge its ceiling was actually the starry, out-of-spacey skies. to get to the upper stories, we had to climb a long stairs of meteorites. the length between each meteorites seemed further than the length of my steps and that scared the wits out of me. so i decided to sit downstairs. after all, those balcony-like meteor floors were kind of reserved for well-known local bands, like Sheila on 7 and Dewa (yeah, they were there alright!).

i sat in one of the front seats on the left wing together with my high school friends. sitting next to me was my ex-boyfriend. not long after that, my sociology teacher appeared on stage. it turned out we weren’t going to see a music concert, we were going to receive a lecture.