#Log 33

we were queuing on the tarmac to get on an airplane. the airplane we were about to get on was very exclusive, new in its type, huge and equipped with all the latest technology and comfort features. we couldn’t wait to get on it. it felt like a mix of emergency, the rush during the holidays and the excitement of trying something new. the skies were intimidating, dark blue and growling. and then it started to rain. we then saw something amazing. the thunders were getting really fierce and suddenly they burst into a series of explosions that looked like fireworks, albeit frightening ones.

Log #2

i wrote profiles of kungfu fighters who were listed in a championship. they were all females dressed in funky chinese-style outfits, the kind worn by fighters in virtual PlayStation games.

but the best thing was how words just glided off the tip of my pen. i only had to move it back and forth over the paper and.. voila, amazing verses appear. i didn’t even have to think!

and then i saw her. a spiritual female figure who looked like one of the fighters. a sheer gleam circled her hovering body.

my very own muse. i almost couldn’t believe it. but, well, it was obvious that she was the one who put wonders onto my head and my right hand. just before i woke up, she gave me beautiful sentences for my writing contest submission piece. they sounded really familiar—like my stale ideas were finally transformed into perfection.

then i woke up. and forgot everything.