Log #27

my house was a shelter to many people of my family and friends as it was also some kind of a vehicle. the world outside was deteriorating and we banded together to protect ourselves from an attack of some invisible power. from the cockpit of the house, we saw trees razing to the ground. the earth shuddered but the house was unwavering and we kept on going. we saw buildings and skyscrapers turn into robots – like voltus! – in movements that reminded me of rubik’s cubes. the skies were almost dark but the edges of those roboscrapers sparkled as if it was daylight. my sister called out she had predicted this would happen.

Log #13

i was out with a bunch of my chums. nobody’s faces resemble any of mine in waking life. we were in some sort of a vehicle, going round a vast complex, like a campus. everyone was talking, involved in a warm conversation. about random topics. we laughed quite a lot. and then i heard his voice. a band was on and he was the singer. it sounded like a music festival.