Log #13

i was out with a bunch of my chums. nobody’s faces resemble any of mine in waking life. we were in some sort of a vehicle, going round a vast complex, like a campus. everyone was talking, involved in a warm conversation. about random topics. we laughed quite a lot. and then i heard his voice. a band was on and he was the singer. it sounded like a music festival.

Log #6

i was on vacation at a very luxurious hotel with my dad and sis. we were in its shopping arcade when a huge flood suddenly came bursting in. but it wasn’t at all scary, it was fun.

not long after that, we were already heading to a seafood storehouse from the hotel’s terrace. we wanted to shop for some fresh shrimps and fish.

i remember walking past a shark tank, wondering why on earth people would buy fresh and alive sharks.

i met D and P at the storehouse. somehow D decided to kiss a shrimp. we just couldn’t stop laughing.